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Informational Memorandum
Subject:Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form
Date of Memorandum:05/17/2006
Expiration Date:10/31/2008
Signed By:McKenzie, Thomas
FCA Contact Person:Miller, Charlotte
Contact Phone:703-883-4272
List of Attachments:7038834272

Farm Credit Administration 1501 Farm Credit Drive


May 17, 2006

To: The Chief Executive Officer From: Thomas McKenzie, Chief Examiner and Director Donald P. Clark for TGM Subject: Required Use of the Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form Effective July 1, 2006, all standard flood hazard determinations must be made on FEMA Form 81-93, which was approved for use in December, 2005 and has an expiration date of October 31, 2008. FEMA made no changes to the format or content of the Form so completing it will remain the same as the previous form. Please see the attached FEMA Bulletin for further details on this subject. FEMA Form 81-93 can be accessed from the FEMA Web Site at The Farm Credit Administration is providing this information as a courtesy to keep you informed of developments that may impact your institution. However, these mailings should not be seen as a replacement for, but rather as a complement to, management's due diligence in monitoring issues that may affect your institution. If you have any questions, please call Charlotte Miller, FCA Examiner, Examination Policy and Development Division, at (703) 883-4272, or on the Internet at e-mail address