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Type: Policy Statement

Release of Consolidated Reporting System Information
Old/Additional ID: [NV-95-13; NV-05-01] (70 FR 71142, 11/25/2005)[NV-11-15]

Effective Date: 08-JUL-11

Effect on Previous Action: None. See 60 FR 15921, Mar. 28, 1995; amended by NV-11-15 (08-JUL-11).

Source of Authority: 12 CFR Part 621, Subpart D; Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552; 12 CFR Part 602; OMB Circular A-130 (Nov. 28, 2000).


Purpose: The FCA Board has adopted a policy to disclose reports of condition and performance (Call Reports) and any subsequent reports containing nonexempt information that are produced from the FCA's Consolidated Reporting System (CRS) [hereinafter nonexempt CRS reports]. For purposes of this policy, nonexempt CRS reports are defined as reports produced from the CRS containing information that has been routinely disclosed in Farm Credit System (System) institutions' quarterly and annual financial reports and filed with the FCA.

The nonexempt CRS reports include the Uniform Performance Report (UPR), Uniform Peer Performance Report (UPPR), Six-Quarter Trend Report, Six-Year Trend Report, and Institution Comparison Report. Under this policy, the Call Reports and subsequent reports for the institution that submitted the information will be available to that institution on the FCA Web site approximately 35 days after the end of a quarter or a fiscal year.

Objectives: The FCA facilitates the competitive delivery of financial services to agriculture while protecting the public, the taxpayer, and the investor. Consistent with that mission, the FCA endeavors to provide information to System institutions and to the public. Call Reports and other nonexempt CRS reports contain information of value to the Agency, the System, and the public that enables an evaluation of the financial condition of a System institution in comparison to its peers. This information will provide institutions with a succinct assessment of performance, in addition to that provided in the examination process. The FCA believes that implementation of this policy statement will enhance the FCA's information management activities in an efficient, effective, and economical manner consistent with OMB Circular A-130.

Operating Principles: Certain information reported to the Agency in compliance with Call Report instructions and not routinely disclosed by an institution, such as asset and liability repricing schedules or loan specific data, will continue to be exempt from disclosure and the FCA will not make it available under this policy statement.

Availability of Reports: All nonexempt CRS reports will be available within 45 days after the end of a quarter or a fiscal year free of charge on the FCA Web site.

The FCA often receives special requests for new reports containing nonexempt CRS information not produced from the CRS. Consistent with the Freedom of Information Act, the FCA will grant such special requests when the record is readily reproducible with reasonable efforts. We will assess fees to recover the direct costs of complying with the request, including the cost of collecting, processing, and disseminating the information. The FCA may grant a request for a fee waiver to an educational institution, a researcher, a governmental agency, a newspaper, and others, when the benefit derived from releasing the information exceeds the waived fee. Requests should be directed to the Office of Management Services.

Delegated Authority: The Director, Office of Management Services, in concurrence with the Director, Office of Examination, and the General Counsel, is responsible for implementing this policy statement, developing operating procedures, and assessing requests for fee waivers. Any of these responsibilities may be re-delegated to appropriate staff in their respective offices.

Reporting Requirements: The Director, Office of Management Services, shall report annually to the Chief Executive Officer on the number of special requests for new reports containing nonexempt CRS information and fees received.



Dale L. Aultman
Secretary to the Board

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