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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart C - Loan Performance and Valuation Assessment

621.9 Reinstatement to accrual status.
A loan may be reinstated to accrual status, when each of the following criteria are met:
(a) All contractual principal and interest due on the loan is paid and the loan is current;
(b) Prior chargeoffs are recovered, except for troubled debt restructures;
(c) No reasonable doubt remains regarding the willingness and ability of the borrower to perform in accordance with the contractual terms of the loan agreement; and
(d) Reinstatement is supported by a period of sustained performance in accordance with the contractual terms of the note and/or loan agreement. Sustained performance will generally be demonstrated by 6 consecutive monthly payments, 4 consecutive quarterly payments, 3 consecutive semiannual payments, or 2 consecutive annual payments.

[58 FR 48780, Sept. 20, 1993]

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