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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart B - Receivers and Receiverships

627.2752 Priority of claims--other Farm Credit institutions.
The following priority of claims shall apply to the distribution of the assets of an institution, other than a bank or association, in liquidation:
(a) All costs, expenses, and debts incurred by the receiver in connection with the administration of the receivership.
(b) Administrative expenses of the institution, provided that such expenses were incurred within 60 days prior to the receiver's taking possession, and that such expenses shall be limited to reasonable expenses incurred for services actually provided by accountants, attorneys, appraisers, examiners, or management companies, or reasonable expenses incurred by employees which were authorized and reimbursable under a pre-existing expense reimbursement policy, that, in the opinion of the receiver, are of benefit to the receivership, and shall not include wages or salaries of employees of the institution.
(c) If authorized by the receiver, claims for wages and salaries, including vacation pay, earned prior to the appointment of the receiver by an employee of the institution whom the receiver determines it is in the best interest of the receivership to engage or retain for a reasonable period of time.
(d) If authorized by the receiver, claims for wages and salaries, including vacation pay, earned prior to the appointment of the receiver, up to a maximum of three thousand dollars ($3,000) per person as adjusted for inflation, by an employee of the institution not engaged or retained by the receiver. The adjustment for inflation shall be the percentage by which the Consumer Price Index (as prepared by the Department of Labor) for the calendar year preceding the appointment of the receiver exceeds the Consumer Price Index for the calendar year 1992.
(e) All claims for taxes.
(f) All claims of creditors which are secured by specific assets or equities of the institution, with priority of conflicting claims of creditors within this same class to be determined in accordance with priorities of applicable Federal or State law.
(g) All claims of general creditors.
(h) All claims that, by their terms, are subordinated in whole or in part to the claims of general creditors, other than distributions covered under 627.2755(b). Such claims shall receive the priority specified in the written instruments that evidence the claims and, to the extent that the written documents provide different priorities for different categories of such claims, each category shall be considered a class of claims for purposes of 627.2755(a).

[57 FR 46482, Oct. 9, 1992; as amended by 72 FR 54527, Sept. 26, 2007]

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