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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart G - Mergers, Consolidations, and Charter Amendments of Associations

611.1123 Merger or consolidation agreements.
(a) Associations operating under the same title of the Act may merge or consolidate voluntarily only pursuant to a written agreement. The agreement shall set forth all of the terms of the transaction, including, but not limited to, the following:
(1) The proposed effective date of the merger or consolidation.
(2) The proposed name and headquarters location of the continuing or consolidated association.
(3) The names of the persons nominated to serve as directors until the first regular annual meeting of the continuing or consolidated association to be held after the effective date of the merger or consolidation. Any director of a constituent association may be designated in the agreement to serve as a director of the continuing or consolidated association for a period not to exceed his or her current term, after which he or she must stand for reelection. However, the terms of the agreement must provide for the election of at least one director at each annual meeting subsequent to the effective date of the merger or consolidation. The bylaws of the continuing or consolidated association shall reflect the provisions of the merger or consolidation agreement regarding director terms.
(4) A statement of the formula to be used to exchange the stock of the constituent associations for the stock of the continuing or consolidated association. No fractional shares of stock shall be issued.
(5) A statement of any conditions which must be satisfied prior to the effective date of the proposed transaction, including but not limited to approval by stockholders, the supervising bank, and the Farm Credit Administration.
(6) A statement of the representations or warranties, if any, made or to be made by any association, or its officers, directors, or employees that is a party to the proposed transactions.
(7) A statement that the board of directors of each constituent association can terminate the agreement before the effective date upon a determination by an association, with the concurrence of the Farm Credit Administration, that:
(i) The information disclosed to stockholders contained material errors or omissions;
(ii) Material misrepresentations were made to stockholders regarding the impact of the merger or consolidation;
(iii) Fraudulent activities were used to obtain stockholders' approval; or
(iv) An event occurred between the time of the vote and the merger that would have a significant adverse impact on the future viability of the continuing institution.
(8) A description of the legal opinions or rulings (including those related to tax matters), if any, that have been obtained or furnished by any party in connection with the proposed transaction. Also, refer to paragraph (a)(5) of this section.
(9) The capitalization plan and capital structure for the new institution and a statement that the capitalization plan shall comply with applicable FCA regulations.
(10) Provision for the employee benefits plan, its subsequent continuation or adaptation by the board of directors of the proposed institution following the merger or consolidation.
(11) A statement of the authority of those persons designated to carry out the terms of the agreement, including the authority to waive provisions of the agreement and to execute any documents necessary to perfect title, on behalf of the constituent associations.
(b) As an attachment to the agreement, set forth those provisions of the charter and bylaws of the continuing or consolidated association which differ from the existing charter or bylaw provisions of the constituent associations.
(c) Stockholders have the right to reconsider the approval of the merger provided that a petition signed by 15 percent of the stockholders eligible to vote of one or more of the constituent institutions is filed with the Farm Credit Administration within 35 days after the date of mailing the notification of the final results of the stockholder vote required under 611.1122(g). The Farm Credit Administration will review the petition to determine whether it complies with the requirements of section 7.9 of the Act. Following a determination that the petition complies with the applicable requirements, a special stockholders' meeting shall be called by the institution to reconsider the vote. If a majority of the stockholders voting, in person or by proxy, of any one of the constituent institutions that is a party to the merger vote against the merger, the merger shall not take place.

[50 FR 20400, May 16, 1985, as amended at 51 FR 32442, Sept. 12, 1986; 53 FR 50396, Dec. 15, 1988]

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