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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart D - Reports of Condition and Performance and Accounts and Exposures

621.14 Certification of correctness.
Each report of financial condition and performance filed with the Farm Credit Administration shall be certified as having been prepared in accordance with all applicable regulations and instructions and to be a true and accurate representation of the financial condition and performance of the institution to which it applies. The reports shall be certified by the officer of the reporting institution named for that purpose by action of the reporting institution's board of directors. If the board of directors of the institution has not acted to name an officer to certify the correctness of its reports of condition and performance, then the reports shall be certified by the president or chief executive officer of the reporting institution.

[58 FR 48780, Sept. 20, 1993; as amended at 78 FR 77562, Dec. 24, 2013]

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