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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart G - Mergers, Consolidations, and Charter Amendments of Associations

611.1121 Charter amendment procedures.
This section shall apply to any request by an association to amend its charter.
(a) An association which proposes to amend its charter shall submit a request to its supervising bank containing the following information:
(1) A statement of the provision(s) of the charter that the association proposes to amend and the proposed amendment(s);
(2) A statement of the reasons for the proposed amendment(s), the impact of the amendment(s) on the association and its stockholders, and the requested effective date of the amendment(s);
(3) A certified copy of the resolution of the board of directors of the association approving the amendment(s);
(4) Any additional information or documents that the association wishes to submit in support of the request or that may be requested by the supervising bank.
(b) Upon receipt of a proposed amendment from an association, the district bank shall review the materials submitted and provide the association with its analysis of the proposal within a reasonable period of time. Concurrently, the bank shall communicate its recommendation on the proposal to the Farm Credit Administration, including the reasons for the recommendation, and any analysis the bank believes appropriate. Following review by the bank, the association shall transmit the proposed amendment with attachments to the Farm Credit Administration.
(c) Upon receipt of an association's request for a charter amendment, the Farm Credit Administration shall review the materials submitted and either approve or disapprove the request. The Farm Credit Administration may require submission of any supplemental materials it deems appropriate.
(d) The Farm Credit Administration shall notify the association of its approval or disapproval of the amendment request, and provide a copy of such communication to the bank. A notification of approval shall be accompanied by a copy of the charter, as amended.

[50 FR 20400, May 16, 1985, as amended at 51 FR 32441, Sept. 12, 1986]

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