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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart E - Loan Terms and Conditions

614.4233 International loans.
Term loans made by banks for cooperatives and agricultural credit banks under the authority of section 3.7(b) of the Act and 613.3200 of this chapter to foreign or domestic parties who are not shareholders of the bank shall be subject to following conditions:
(a) The loan shall be denominated in a currency to eliminate foreign exchange risk on repayment.
(b) The borrower's obligations shall be guaranteed or insured against default under such policies as are available in the United States and other countries. Exceptions may be made where a prospective borrower has had a longstanding successful business relationship with an eligible cooperative borrower or an eligible cooperative which is not a borrower if the prospective borrower has a high credit rating as determined by the bank.
(c) For a borrower in which a voting stockholder of the bank has a majority ownership interest, financing may be extended for the full value of the transaction; otherwise, financing may be extended only to approximate the percent of ownership.

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