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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart D - General Loan Policies for Banks and Associations

614.4170 General.
Direct lenders shall be responsible for the servicing of the loans that they make. However, loan participation agreements may designate specific loan servicing efforts to be accomplished by a participating institution. Each direct lender shall adopt loan servicing policies and procedures to assure that loans will be serviced fairly and equitably for the borrower while minimizing the risk for the lender. Procedures shall include specific plans that help preserve the quality of sound loans and that help correct credit deficiencies as they develop.
(a) The Farm Credit Bank shall provide guidelines for the servicing of loans by the Federal land bank associations. The servicing may be accomplished either under the direct supervision of the bank or under delegated authority.
(b) The servicing of loans which are participated in by Farm Credit System institutions shall be in accordance with 614.4325.
(c) In the development of loan servicing policies and procedures, the following criteria shall be included:
(1) Term loans. The objective shall be to provide borrowers with prompt and efficient service with respect to actions in such areas as personal liability, partial release of security, insurance requirements or adjustments, loan divisions or transfers, or conditional payments. Procedures shall provide for adequate inspections, reanalyses, reappraisals, controls on payment of insurance and taxes (and for payment when necessary), and prompt exercise of legal options to preserve the lender's collateral position or guard against loss. Loan servicing policies for rural home loans shall recognize the inherent differences between agricultural and rural home lending.
(2) Operating loans. The objective shall be to service such loans to assure disbursement in accordance with the basis of approval, repayment from the sources obligated or pledged, and to minimize risk exposure to the lender. Procedures shall require:
(i) The procurement of periodic operating data essential for maintaining control, for the proper analysis of such data, and prompt action as needed;
(ii) Inspections, reappraisals, and borrower visits appropriate to the nature and quality of the loan; and
(iii) Controls on insurance, margin requirements, warehousing, and the prompt exercise of legal options to preserve the lender's collateral position and guard against loss.
(3) Legal entity loans. In addition to the foregoing servicing objectives for term and operating loans, procedures for servicing these loans shall require procurement of data on changes in ownership, control, and management; review of business objectives, financing programs, organizational structure, and operating methods, and appropriate analysis of such changes with provision for action as needed.

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