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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart E - Annual Meeting Information Statements and Other Information to be Furnished in Connection with Annual Meetings and Director Elections

620.20 Preparing and distributing the information statement.
(a)(1) Each Farm Credit bank and association must prepare and provide an information statement (“statement” or “AMIS”) to its shareholders at least 10 business days, but not more than 30 business days, before any annual meeting or any director elections.
(2) Each Farm Credit bank and association must provide the Farm Credit Administration an electronic copy of the AMIS when issued.
(3) In addition to the mailed AMIS, each Farm Credit bank and association may post its AMIS on its Web site. Any AMIS posted on an institution's Web site must remain on the Web site for a reasonable period of time, but not less than 30 calendar days.
(b) Every AMIS must be dated and signed in accordance with the requirements of 620.3(b) of this part.
(c) Every AMIS must be available for public inspection at all offices of the issuing institution pursuant to 620.2(b) of this part.

[75 FR 18744, Apr. 12, 2010]

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