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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart F - Collateral Evaluation Requirements

614.4266 Personal and intangible property evaluations.
(a) Personal property and intangibles shall be valued on the basis of market value in accordance with the institution's evaluation standards and policies.
(b) Personal property evaluations shall include a source of comparisons of value (i.e., equipment dealer listings, Blue Book, market sales reports, etc.) and a description of the property being evaluated, including location of the property and, where applicable, quantity, species/variety, measure/weight, value per unit and in total, type of identification (such as brand, bill of lading, or warehouse receipt), quality, condition, and date.
(c) Evaluations of intangibles shall include a review and description of the documents supporting the property interests and the marketability of the intangible property, including applicable terms, conditions, and restrictions contained in the document that would affect the value of the property.
(d) Where an evaluation of personal or intangible property is completed by a fee appraiser, as defined in 614.4240(g), the institution's standards shall include provisions for periodic collateral inspections and verification by the institution's account officer or appropriate designee.
(e) When a Farm Credit System institution deems an appraisal necessary, personal or intangible property shall be appraised in accordance with procedures and standards established by the institution by individuals deemed qualified by the institution to complete the work under the USPAP Competency and Ethics Provisions.

[59 FR 46730, Sept. 12, 1994, as amended at 59 FR 50964, Oct. 6, 1994]

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