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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart J - Unincorporated Business Entities

611.1152 Authority over equity investments in UBEs for business activity.
(a) Regulation, supervisory, oversight, examination and enforcement authority. FCA has regulatory, supervisory, oversight, examination and enforcement authority over each System institution’s equity investment in or control of a UBE and the services and functions that a UBE performs for the System institution. This includes FCA’s authority to require a System institution’s dissolution of, disassociation from, or divestiture of an equity investment in a UBE, or to otherwise condition the approval of equity investments in UBEs.
(b) Assessing UBE investments and business activity. In accordance with section 5.15 of the Act, the cost of regulating and examining System institutions’ activities involving UBEs will be taken into account when assessing a System institution for the cost of administering the Act.

[78 FR 31832, May 28, 2013]

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