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Type: FCA Regulation
Subpart B - Receivers and Receiverships

627.2735 Notice to holders of uninsured accounts and stockholders.
(a) Upon the placing of an institution in liquidation, the receiver shall immediately notify every borrower who has an uninsured account (voluntary or involuntary) as described in 614.4175 of this chapter that the funds ceased earning interest when the receivership was instituted and will be applied against the outstanding indebtedness of any loans of such borrower unless, within 15 days of such notice, the borrower directs the receiver to otherwise apply such funds in the manner provided for in existing loan documents.
(b) As soon as practicable after the receiver takes possession of the institution, the receiver shall notify, by first class mail, each holder of stock and participation certificates of the following matters:
(1) The number of shares such holder owns;
(2) That the stock and other equities of the institution may not be retired or transferred until the liquidation is completed, whereupon the receiver will distribute a liquidating dividend, if any, to the owners of such equities; and
(3) Such other matters as the receiver or the Farm Credit Administration deems necessary.

[57 FR 46482, Oct. 9, 1992; as amended at 75 FR 35968, June 24, 2010]

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